Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Surge" bill Surges Ahead!

The ND House of Representatives is expected to vote Friday on SB2103 the "Surge" Infrastructure Funding bill. Appropriations committee members amended the bill (SB2103) Thursday morning. Their changes include restore funding to the Department of Transportation, giving DOT the full early funding request of $450 million. The county road funds were reduced to $240 million in oil counties and $112 million in non-oil counties. Additionally townships in non-oil will receive $10,000. Hub cities and other oil cities were reduced comparably, and "Bakken Boundry" cities were reduced by 50%.
How the money will be distributed has also been "tweaked". Funding to the oil counties will be based on the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute's "need" determination. The Non-oil counties will be distributed based on County Major Collector mileage.
This issue was discussed in various caucus meetings and apparently worked out with Senate leaders as well. Assuming the SB 2013 is passed Friday, it will go to the Senate for their review Monday. If they choose to accept the bill as it comes from the House, the bill could be signed by the Governor as early as Tuesday.
As with any issue compromises are made, but the major success with this bill is that it will be kicked out before the Legislature's cross-over break which represents the session's mid-point.

 Here is a look at the allocations as amended by the House Appropriations Commiteee: 

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