Monday, April 3, 2017

Senate Finance and Tax Amends Cap Bill

The threat of capping local governments drew in officals representing cities, cointies, parks and schools to testify in opposition to HB 1361.
The Senate Finance and Tax committee took action on the bill today after amending the bill. While the amended bill is an improvement, it still is of significant concern. It removes the flat, across the board cap that limits taxing districts to raise taxes no more than 3% without a vote - replacing it with a citizen petition process that would institute a 3% cap (in a county, city, or park district) approved by the voters in a June election.
This petition would require signatures equal to 10% of the votes cast in that jurisdiction at the last general election, and if approved, the property taxes for that jurisdiction would be capped for one year.
Additionally, counties will be required to report additional information to the tax department from which they will prepare a jurisdiction-level report on annual tax increases.
This bill - HB1361 - may be on the Senate floor as early as Tuesday.
Feel free to contact your Senators to tell them how this would negatively impact your county.

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