Wednesday, April 1, 2015

House committee passes out Social Services Funding bill

The House Human Services Committee amemded and gave SB 2206 a Do Pass recommendation with a 10-3 vote.
The bill proposes for the state to spend $23 million to take over the foster care grant costs for county social services.  A commission would be established to develop recomendations for the state to assume 100% of the cost of social services.  The Governor and others have stressed service needs to stay at the local level.
The amendment adopted by the committee will freeze the mill levy for social services to prevent counties from back filling the budget. The amendment does allow for counties to make an increase for salary and benefit increases as approved by the legislature. Chairman Representative Robin Weisz says the amendment addresses a main concern of those lawmakers who have resisted this concept in the past.
The House Appropriations committee will now review the bill.

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