Thursday, February 26, 2015

NDACo Week 8 Legislative Report

The Legislature worked hard on Wednesday, leaving just a handful of bills for Thursday morning, and then bolted out of town for the Crossover Break.  Every major budget was reduced – reductions to the Governor’s staff salary increases were the biggest changes.  Everyone is well aware however that restoration of funds (or further cuts) could happen once the new revenue forecast is released. 

We will be posting a “Crossover Report” in the next few days, as well as including it in the County News, so we won’t go into detail here on how things are shaping up.  Overall, however, it seems like a fair first half for county government, but the second half (like in football) will be longer and harder, we can be sure. 
Although next week is a short week, you will see below that the committee chairs are jumping right into hearings.

TimeBill NumberDescriptionCommitteeRoom
Wednesday 3/4  
9:00SB 2062S TANF eligibility - asset limit for household goods to be established by DHS House Human Services Fort Union 
9:00HB 1030J Exceptions to minimum mandatory sentences Senate Judiciary Fort Lincoln 
9:00HB 1346J State's Attorney to enforce retail installment contracts Senate Ind, Bus, & LaborRoosevelt Park 
9:00SB 2036C * Tax exemptions for certain coal plants - removes beneficiated coal taxation House Finance and Taxation Fort Totten 
9:00HB 1057B ** Assessment increase notice changes - interim bill Senate Finance and Taxation Lewis and Clark 
9:15SB 2034C Sales tax exemption for oil pipeline materials House Finance and Taxation Fort Totten 
9:15SB 2047S Behavioral health expansion of qualified mental health professional definition House Human Services Fort Union 
9:30HB 1106J Court shall inquire of military service when convicted Senate Judiciary Fort Lincoln 
9:30HB 1323L State health officer to create stroke system Senate Human Services Red River 
9:30HB 1070B Affordable housing tax exemption clarification Senate Finance and Taxation Lewis and Clark 
10:00SB 2143C ** Raises senior mill levy match to 100% of 1 mill - county amendment House Finance and Taxation Fort Totten 
10:00SB 2064S Tribal agencies can initiate foster care proceedings House Human Services Fort Union 
10:30HB 1082B Remove grazing requirement for State owned property which pays property tax Senate Finance and Taxation Lewis and Clark 
10:30HB 1314J Minor sex victim can get medical services without parent consent Senate Human Services Red River 
10:45HB 1212J Stalking victims eligible for unemployment comp Senate Ind, Bus, & LaborRoosevelt Park 
10:45SB 2063S Court to provide DHS copy of filing termination of parental rights House Human Services Fort Union 
11:15HB 1426R * Increase public improvement bidding threshold to $150K Senate Education Missouri River 
11:30SB 2028J * Removes certain offenses by juvenile from statutory transfer to adult court House Judiciary Prairie 
2:00SB 2256I Workers compensation for first responders for PTSD House Ind, Bus, & LaborPeace Garden 
2:00SB 2145J Adds additional educational professionals and board members to required background checks House Education Pioneer 
2:00SB 2347H Contractor to remove utility siting flags within 10 days House Ind, Bus, & LaborPeace Garden 
3:00SB 2052J ** Interim bill to tweak DUI laws amended in previous session House Judiciary Prairie 
3:00HB 1022C Indigent Counsel Budget Senate Appropriations Harvest 
3:30SB 2116J * DOCR to create pretrial services pilot program House Judiciary Prairie 
3:50HCR 3035V Constitutional amendment about residency of state officials House Judiciary Prairie 
Thursday 3/5  
8:00SB 2351X Corporate farming authorized House Agriculture Peace Garden 
8:30SB 2012A **** Human Services budget, enhanced county reimbursement for expanded Medicaid House Approp - Hum Res. Div Sakakawea 
9:00SB 2190C Oil well plugging funds can be used for spill mitigation House Energy and Nat.Res Pioneer 
9:00SB 2330V * Student ID to be valid voting ID House Gov. & Vets Affairs Fort Union 
9:00SB 2258E OMB director to write rules regarding family leave House Gov. & Vets Affairs Fort Union 
9:00HB 1081J Dedicated turkey license for sick youth Senate Energy and Nat.Res Fort Lincoln 
9:00HCR 3039R * Study software needs of cities and counties to get property tax info online House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
9:00SB 2102E Rolls national guard and firefighters into peace officer retirement plan House Gov. & Vets Affairs Fort Union 
9:00HB 1125J Criminal background checks for Parks and Rec Senate Political Subdivisions Red River 
9:00HB 1171J ** Traffic fines to go into highway distribution fund Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 
9:00SB 2146H * Eliminates non-resident open-water trapping of muskrats House Energy and Nat.Res Pioneer 
9:30HB 1356J Depredation practices for landowners Senate Energy and Nat.Res Fort Lincoln 
10:00HB 1391J Reduce time required to send DOT no liability proof Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 
10:00SB 2024Z * Allows county & township to negotiate restoration of township zoning House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
10:30SB 2002C * Sec. of State Budget - UCC & Election House Appropriations - Ed. & Env. Div. Roughrider 
10:30HB 1105J Background checks for office of adjutant general Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
10:45HB 1112H ** Disaster Relief Fund can be used for non-fed disasters. Local costs included. Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
11:00HB 1013A *** Land Board Budget, Oil Impact Fund, Senate Appropriations Harvest 
2:00HB 1021C * ITD budget including $ for CJIS Senate Appropriations Harvest 
2:00SB 2012A **** Human Services budget, enhanced county reimbursement for expanded Medicaid House Approp - Hum Res. Div Sakakawea 
2:30HB 1381J No Drones to interfere with hunting Senate Energy and Nat.Res Fort Lincoln 
Friday 3/6  
8:30HB 1024L Budget for tobacco control committee Senate Appropriations Harvest 
8:30SB 2009C * Ag Dept budget, weed and beaver control grant funds House Appropriations - Ed. & Env. Div. Roughrider 
8:30SB 2012A **** Human Services budget, enhanced county reimbursement for expanded Medicaid House Approp - Hum Res. Div Sakakawea 
9:00HB 1297J Repeals magistrate role in disposal of stolen property Senate Political Subdivisions Red River 
9:00SB 2374Z Owners of oil, gas, saltwater gathering lines to obtain industrial commission permits, install flowmeters House Energy and Natural Resources Pioneer 
9:00SB 2101J ** County requested, 9-1-1 operational standards update House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
9:00HB 1334A Electric vehicles to pay fee to highway fund Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 
9:00SB 2226C Governor may enter into tax agreements with all tribes House Energy and Nat.Res Pioneer 
9:00HB 1302V * Study voter registration  Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
9:15HB 1474V * Amended to a study of election consolidation  Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
9:30HCR 3036J Study digital driver's licenses Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 
9:30HB 1445V * Reduce canvass reports by election board Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
9:30SB 2167H $2 million for one call locates for oil companies House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
9:45HB 1414V Party endorsement stated on primary ballots Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
10:00SB 2211J Raises penalty for driving without liability insurance House Transportation Fort Totten 
10:00SB 2180R Holder of unrecorded conveyance of real property my challenge deed House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
10:00HB 1330R Delays implementation of electronic UCC filing system Senate Political Subdivisions Red River 
10:15HB 1348V ** Mail ballots not mailed until 21 days before election  Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
10:30HB 1239V * Election law "clean up" bill - SoS bill Senate Gov. & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
11:00HB 1337R ** May hold open records requests for payment - multiple may be considered one request  Senate Political Subdivisions Red River