Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ND Lawmakers Take First Step in Funding Social Services

It's an important day for NDACo and our counties!  Legislators in the House and Senate passed SB 2206 which is the funding for County Social Services. This is an effort county officials have worked on for the past four sessions. This year $23 million was included in the Governor's budget to take over a portion of foster care grants and other programs. These are an expense lawmakers say were an unfunded mandate to counties. The $23 million will be a direct reduction in property taxes at the local level. The dollars are to only be used to directly buy down the social service levy. In addition, a committee will be established to work on the transition plan and to assess the feasibility of taking over additional costs, providing even more property tax relief through social services in the next biennium. We are very grateful to the work of Maggie Anderson and the Department of Human Services, the Governor and the Human Service committee members who we worked on this issue together this session. Attached is a video with comments from Sen. Dick Dever and Traill County Social Service Director Kim Jacobson.

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