Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Senate Approves Update to Voter ID Law

The Senate passed HB 1333 Tuesday, providing additional enhancements to the Voting Requirements law.  The Senate Government, Veterans Affairs Committee amended the bill to eliminating language linking the voter's ID to the proof of residency for at least 30 days and the use of a bill or bank statement to prove residency. The committee's changes which were approved by the full Senate clarify voting requirements. To vote you must show identification which are: current driver's license or non-driver identification card issued by DOT; a tribal ID; a long-term care certificate; or military ID.  The Student Certificates are not included in any legislation. The county auditors association supported efforts to allow for student ID's and/or certificates however, there was little legislative support.
The House will decide whether or not to concur with the Senate changes.


  1. I want to write the residency letter of recommendation according to this law act because all these senates are supported or communicated to each other as they needed.


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