Wednesday, June 3, 2015

County Studies Prioritized

The Legislative Management Committee struggled to reduce the 111 studies approved by the 64th Legislative Assembly down to a manageable number for the interim.  They started with 16 that were passed as "required" studies, and ended up adding 28 additional studies for a total of 44.

Of these 44 chosen studies, the NDACo staff has identified 30 that have some relationship to county government.  We have grouped those 30 below in general topic areas.  Keep in mind that now the Legislative Management will divide the studies and the legislators up into 15-18 topic committees, so these will likely get sliced and diced in a somewhat different configuration. 

We will post here the committees, studies assigned, and chairman; once the Legislative Management Committee has completed this work.

Mandatory & Optional Interim Studies / 2015-17 Interim
30 County-Related Out of 44 Total Prioritized Studies (111 Total Advanced)
Oil Tax & Allocation Studies
    SB 2015 § 42 Oil and gas tax incentives and oil and gas recovery techniques (Required)
    SB 2318 Oil extraction tax exemptions for tertiary recovery (Required)
    HB 1176  § 6 Oil and gas tax revenue allocations
Highway Issue Studies
    HB 1377 Truck permitting in oil & gas counties (Required)
    HB 1012 § 10 Impacts  of harmonizing truck size and weight regulations (Required)
    SB 2015 § 41 Special transportation funding distributions to political subdivisions
    HB 1020  Feasibility of placing the upper great plains transportation institute under the NDDOT
    SB 2167 The one-call excavation notice system
Justice & Public Safety Studies
    HB 1015  § 4 Petrial services, sentencing alternatives, treatment options, and related issues (Required)
    HB 1165 PEW Research study of public safety, corrections (Required)
    HCR 3006  Use of state resources for youth adjudicated by tribal courts 
    HCR 3012  Child sex offender registration 
    HB 1004 Acquiring UND forensic pathology center
    HCR 3004  Best practices for forensic death investigation 
    HB 1018  § 25 Feasibility of establishing a civilian ground center for processing first responder data
    SCR 4018 Use of seclusion and restraint in schools
Health & Human Services Studies
    SB 2206 § 12 Develop a plan to transfer of 100% of county social service costs to state (Required)
    HB 1378  Essential health delivery & Affordable Care Act (Required)
    SB 2048 § 7 Behavioral health needs
    HB 1279 Family caregiver supports and services
    HCR 3049  Employment and public assistance 
    HCR 3003 State employee health insurance premiums
Voting & Election Studies
    HB 1302  Voter registration  
    HB 1389  Verification of non-citizens for voting purposes 
Water Studies  
    SB 2020 § 22 Sustainable water supply to central & eastern North Dakota (Required)
    HCR 3020  Impact on owners from land inundated by rising Devils Lake waters 
    HB 1095  Use of quick-take by water boards
Tax Incentive & Exemption Studies
    SB 2057 Economic development incentives (Required)
    SB 2276 Incentives to getting natural gas service to underserved communities
    HB 1401  Sales tax exemption for materials bought by contractor for tax exempt entity 

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