Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lawmakers Hear Proposal for Law Enforcement Tuition Waiver

Fargo Chief David Todd Testifies on Tuition Waiver Bill
Law enforcement testified in support of a tuition waiver that would be available for officers who have been on the job for more than two years. The proposal was heard before the Senate Education Committee Tuesday morning. Senator Diane Larson brought the bill forward as a way to assist law enforcement in recruiting and retention. "We all benefit from well educated officers," she told committee members.
Larson testified that the National Guard told her the promise of a tuition waiver is the best recruiting tool the National Guard has. Tuition waivers are available for National Guard members, Highway Patrol Troopers and many other programs, too many to list during the hearing. While it is difficult to estimate how many officers may take advantage of this program. Larson told committee members there are only 447 sworn officers eligible for the tuition waiver as proposed. Several Sheriff's were in attendance and were represented by Billings County Sheriff Rummel who spoke in support of the measure.

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