Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One Plate Bill Dies in House

After lengthy debate in the House over whether or not North Dakotan's need one license plate or two on their vehicles, Representatives voted to kill the bill. The bill would have required drivers to only display one drivers license plate on their vehicle as opposed to the two that is currently law. 19 states currently allow for a single license plate on vehicles. The carrier of the bill said two license plates are unnecessary. Those who opposed the bill talked about how having two plates help law enforcement better identify vehicles involved in crimes.
"Having one license plate is as detrimental to law enforcement as having only one handcuff on a set of handcuffs," said Rep. Chuck Damschen. 
"So someone doesn't like the way a plate looks on the front of his vehicle, are we passing laws now for vanity reasons?" said Representative David Monson.
The bill failed by a vote of 34-57

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