Thursday, February 9, 2017

NDACo Legislative Report #7

NDACo Legislative Report #7
NDACo continues to monitor the work being done in committee where legislators are contemplating amendments and discussing the bills’ merits and whether or not to give them do pass or do not pass recommendations. We saw a couple committees where bills had already “crossed over” to the other side. The Senate is able to keep up with the number of bills each day on the calendar. The House however, has at least two days-worth of bills waiting for action.
SB 2206, the bill that proposes the transfer of the cost of Social Services to the State had a very good hearing this week before the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill has not been passed out of committee as of yet.
The Senate Tax and Finance Committee gave a Do Pass recommendation to SB 2288, which is a bill that would repeal the truth in taxation notices and publishing requirements and replace them with one single unified notice for all taxing districts.

As you may have read on the blog earlier this week, several law enforcement bills that were spurred by the DAPL protest passed in the House. The Senate approved a bill that contributes to the funding of the 9-1-1 radio system by adding a surcharge to certain traffic violations.

View the upcoming week's schedule of hearings at the following link:

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