Thursday, March 2, 2017

NDACo Legislative Report #10

The legislators came back from their mid-term break ready to dig inand hold hearings – as you will see from the length of next week’s schedule.  What the schedule doesn’t indicate however is the relative shortage of bills this session.  Many of the policy committees are looking at finishing most of their hearings in the next two weeks – well ahead of previous session.  Unfortunately, the Appropriations Committees can’t get their work done that quickly – but, a “short” legislative session seems more like a possibility – at least at this time.

The past short week saw committee action on several county bills.  Some of the highlights:

Ø  A pitch was made to add funds for new voting equipment into the Secretary of State’s Budget

Ø  A Do Pass recommendation was received on the bill (HB1027) to prevent “double-dipping” of fees by phone companies collecting the 9-1-1 surcharge for counties.

Ø  A Do Pass was given to the bill (SB2106) as amended at county request that would preserve the lower, population-based fees that counties pay for accessing federal criminal databases.

Ø  A Do Pass was given to a county requested bill (SB2160) addressing the duties of the county recorder in foreclosure

Ø  Strong testimony was given, largely by emergency responders, for SB2204 to add a “fee” onto the fines levied for traffic violations – with the new revenue for the statewide interoperable radio system.

The important reminder for this week’s report is that the County Officials Academy is NEXT WEEK.  Besides the excellent training, informative presentation, and great food; you will get the Legislative Update and a chance to rub elbows with absolutely every legislator at the social.  This will be your chance to carry the “county message” as well as your own interests and thoughts to them one-on-one.  So we sincerely hope you can attend.

 Check out next week's hearings on the Week #10 Leg Report at the link below, or on the report tab.

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