Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DOT Budget Closes Rural Shops with Option for Counties to Take Over

In an effort to save $2 million; the Department of Transportation will close eight section shops in rural North Dakota. However, the NDDOT budget bill (SB2012) gives local governments the opportunity to take over the sites and equipment in the 2017-2019 biennnium.  The section shops are in Gackle, Courtenay, Litchville, Fessenden, Finley, New England, Mayville and Starkweather. The bill aurhorizes DOT to negotiate a lease with either the county, city or township, in that order.  The political subdivision may also have the opportunity to buy the DOT snowplow if it is one that the department intends to dispose of. Under the bill, if the local government does lease the building it would be required to assist the DOT if an emergency occurse in or around a section site and a DOT crew is unable to respond. Unlike in recent legislative sessions there is no one-time state funding for the 17-19 biennium for road projects.

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