Thursday, February 5, 2015

NDACo Week #5 Calendar

TimeBill #DescriptionCommitteeRoom
Monday 2/9
9:00HB 1126J Changes in bail bond agent authority to retrieve defendant House Judiciary Prairie 
9:00SB 2045S Behavioral health voucher system for addiction treatment Senate Appropriations Harvest 
10:00HB 1367J Changes to allow more probation House Judiciary Prairie 
10:00SB 2272S Medicaid expanded to pediatric therapists Senate Appropriations Harvest 
10:45SB 2199S $1 million to DHS for human trafficking victims treatment Senate Appropriations Harvest 
11:00HB 1328J Drone Bill - use limitations House Judiciary Prairie 
11:15SB 2175A * $1 million of ag machinery sales tax for ag research - highway fund amended out Senate Appropriations Harvest 
Tuesday 2/10
8:30SB 2031B School district property tax reduction grants, mill levy limits, base year calculations Senate Appropriations Harvest 
9:00HB 1305J Additions to name change petition House Judiciary Prairie 
9:00SB 2065S Local rather than regional long-term care ombudsmen - role redefined Senate Human Services Red River 
9:30SB 2076X Study of the impact of Cass County diversion project Senate Appropriations Harvest 
2:00SB 2253S Funding for healthy family home visitation Senate Appropriations Harvest 
Wednesday 2/11
8:30SB 2177A ** $62 million for social service eligibility system completion, $14 M state House Appropriations Roughrider 
9:00SB 2174L Study of ND health care system Senate Human Services Red River 
9:00SB 2178X Additional school construction loan option Senate Appropriations Harvest 
9:30HB 1394J Lower penalties for marijuana House Judiciary Prairie 
9:30SB 2103A **** Surge infrastructure funding House Appropriations Roughrider 
10:00HB 1416J Liability protection for bar owners who provide server training House Judiciary Prairie 
10:00SB 2081S Modifies some foster home definitions, group home from 10 to 13 children Senate Human Services Red River 
11:00SB 2169X GPT revenue consideration in school funding Senate Appropriations Harvest 
Thursday 2/12
8:30HB 1290V Campaign reporting required for aggregate totaling $200 House GVAFort Union 
8:30HB 1181V Must have special election to fill vacant US Senate seat House GVAFort Union 
8:30HB 1253V Personal use of campaign funds prohibited - criminal fine House GVAFort Union 
8:30HB 1289V Campaign reporting for legislative candidates House GVAFort Union 
9:00SB 2338Z * County emergency manager to be granted immediate access to well site incident Senate Energy & Nat. Res Fort Lincoln 
9:00SB 2269R * County auditor must allow transfer with metes & bounds description Senate Political Subdivisions Red River 
9:00SB 2365E State employee nepotism exemption for critical and urgent employment need Senate GVAMissouri River 
9:15HCR 3034H Urges Congress to lift federal freeze on vehicle size and weight House Transportation Fort Totten 
9:30HCR 3031J Designation of 3rd week in June as ND Road 2 Safety Week House Transportation Fort Totten 
9:30HB 1361X Legislative council to review boards and commissions House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
9:45SB 2300X ** Changes ACIR to LC tax forces on intergovernmental issues Senate GVAMissouri River 
10:00SB 2356H Study oil well site and gravel pit reclamation Senate Energy & Nat. Res Fort Lincoln 
10:00HB 1363I * Counties to provide insurance coverage for Public Administrator House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
10:00SB 2311H * Health Dept hearing if you build road on human burial sites Senate Political Subdivisions Red River 
10:30HB 1376B Counties can donate funds to hospitals House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
11:00SCR 4019E Study state funding of health insurance for volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel Senate Political Subdivisions Red River 
2:30HB 1412V * Legislative redistricting must include subdistricts for representatives House GVAFort Union 
2:30HB 1292X Expands reportable lobbying expenses and definition of lobbying House GVAFort Union 
2:30HB 1302V * Changes to voter ID regarding poll book House GVAFort Union 
2:30HB 1427J Darker window tint House Transportation Fort Totten 
Friday 2/13
8:00SB 2351X Corporate farming authorized Senate Agriculture Roosevelt Park 
8:30HB 1445V * Reduce canvass reports by election board House GVAFort Union 
8:30HB 1474V Cannot serve papers by polling sites House GVAFort Union 
9:00HB 1444R * Governments cannot cancel contracts  House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
9:15SB 2147H Reduces from 3 to 2 one-call locates for same project before charges occur Senate GVAMissouri River 
9:30HB 1459B Voters must authorize building authority construction project House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
10:00HB 1465R * Contractors holding government records must comply with open records  House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
10:00SB 2341X Creates considerations for surface damage payments for oil development Senate Energy & Nat. Res Fort Lincoln 
10:30HB 1417X Courthouse veterans room may be in another building House Political Subdivisions Prairie 

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