Thursday, February 12, 2015

NDACo Week 6 Report

Wow! What a great hearing on the SURGE bill this week.  Sometimes the second hearing loses a little steam, but that was not the case with SB2103.  The Local Government folks turned out and brought some significant energy and passion to the hearing.  State Government was looking to restore some funding that wasn’t carried into this bill from the Governor’s “FastTrack” bill, but other than that the message was pass the bill “as is” and “SOON”.

The activity is becoming concentrated in the two Appropriations Committees as the “policy” committees finish their work in bills from their own house.  We will start to see some “crossed over” bills next week as the policy committees have largely wrapped things up.

An ill-conceived bill regarding the transfer of property described by metes and bounds had a fabulous hearing today (Thursday), with opposition from County Auditors, Tax Directors, Recorders, Engineers and Planners, as well as the Land Surveyors.  We truly hope for a favorable outcome on this one.

Considerably more time was also spent on the House and Senate floors this week, as their calendar’s continued to grow.   Notably:

HB1112 was passed by the House to allow the State to use the Disaster Relief Fund to help local government even if FEMA denies a federal disaster request.

HB1242, which would have created a new speeding fine structure - $3/mile over the posted limit regardless of roadway or speed, was narrowly defeated in the House on a 46-45 vote.

HB1345 to mandate that every county have 5 commissioners died on a 22-68 vote in the House

HB1495 to expand the options that local governments have to invest county funds was passed by the House (59-32) after being amended as requested by counties.

Many of the really BIG bills remain in the two Appropriations Committees, and the more moderate tobacco tax increases the proposal that would give additional revenue to county public health units is set for House floor debate on Friday. 

Next week (as you will see below) has few committee hearings on county bills, but the focus will be on the floor.  We may be sending alerts if we need some help there. 
TimeBill NumberDescriptionCommitteeRoom
Monday 1/16  
8:30SB 2307B ** Amended to 12% state-paid property tax relief Senate Appropriations Harvest 
9:00SB 2221B * Increase homestead credit threshold to $150,000 value and slight increases to income thresholds Senate Appropriations Harvest 
9:15SCR 4021S Study Medicaid reimbursement of mental illness Senate Human Services Red River 
11:00SB 2034C Sales tax exemption for oil pipeline materials Senate Appropriations Harvest 
2:30SB 2374Z Owners of oil, gas, saltwater gathering lines to obtain industrial commission permits, install flowmeters Senate Appropriations Harvest 
3:30SB 2322A *** Tobacco tax increase, major funds to county for local public health Senate Appropriations Harvest 
Tuesday 1/17  
9:00HCR 3037L Study homemade food sales and local public health policies House Human Services Fort Union 
9:15SB 2063S Court to provide DHS copy of filing termination of parental rights House Human Services Fort Union 
9:30SB 2081S Modifies some foster home definitions, group home from 10 to 13 children House Human Services Fort Union 
10:30HB 1074J Not having a real estate license is A misdemeanor Senate Industry, Business and Labor Roosevelt Park 
11:00SB 2027J ** Mandatory sentencing changes - interim bill Senate Appropriations Harvest 
11:30SB 2048S Behavioral health funding for DHS services and teacher training Senate Appropriations Harvest 
Wednesday 1/18  
8:30SB 2107J ** Adopts uniform act on human trafficking Senate Appropriations Harvest 
9:00SB 2284J Defines hospital treatment of sex assault victims, law enforcement info Senate Appropriations Harvest 
9:00HB 1385J Political subdivisions may not regulate voice over internet protocol service Senate Industry, Business and Labor Roosevelt Park 
9:00HB 1036L Interim study for health professionals Senate Human Services Red River 
9:00SB 2082S * Extends Medicaid asset test to basic care eligibility House Human Services Fort Union 
9:15HB 1037S Interim study of Medicaid expansion Senate Human Services Red River 
9:30HB 1048E Develop uniform licensing for social work examiners  Senate Human Services Red River 
9:30SB 2332J Increases offense class for hiring prostitute Senate Appropriations Harvest 
Thursday 1/19  
9:00HCR 3036J Study digital driver's licenses House Transportation Fort Totten 
9:00HB 1121J Minor changes to CDL rules Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 
9:00HCR 3025X Resolution of commendation for Bison Football House Gov & Vets Affairs Fort Union 
9:15SCR 4014A Study reinvestment scenarios for legacy fund Senate Gov & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
9:30HCR 3028J Study creating, funding emergency response centers in rural areas House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
9:45SCR 4022V Study election and lobbying laws Senate Gov & Vets Affairs Missouri River 
10:00HCR 3029Z Study representation for extraterritorial zoning areas House Political Subdivisions Prairie 
11:00HB 1122J Minor changes to driver's license renewal Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 
Friday 1/20  
10:00HB 1123J Minor changes to Drivers Ed Programs  Senate Transportation Lewis and Clark 

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