Thursday, January 31, 2019

Schedule for Week of February 4th

Legislators have been picking up the pace on acting on bills in committee as well as acting on bills during floor session. Lawmakers have a Monday deadline to get bills with an appropriation out of policy committees and forwarded to Appropriations for their review. 
We have learned there are amendments in the works for the Infrastructure funding bill, "Operation Prairie Dog". However, as of now we have been told the counties funding is secure. 
NDACo has been involved in working very closely with the Senate Human Services committee and the Department of Human Services on amendments for the Social Service Redesign bill, SB 2124. 
There was a large contingency of law enforcement opposing HB 1286 which makes changes to the current asset forfeiture process. Law enforcement support reporting requirements but oppose requirements that there must be a conviction and a requirement for funds to go to the state common schools trust fund versus with agencies and task forces to use in fighting criminal activity. 

The link the schedule for the week of February 4th can be found here:

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