Monday, February 4, 2019

COUNTIES CALL TO ACTION: Contact Senators immediately on SB 2166

Counties, cities, schools, and others are working to convince Senators to reconsider the vote on SB2166 which increases liability limits for political subdivisions. This bill quadruples the liability limits, which would likely double liability premiums.
The Senate passed the bill 24-20. We need your help in contacting your Senator to ask them to vote yes for reconsideration and then NO (red) on final passage SB2166.
“This has been a long and challenging road to provide adequate protection for our tax payers and just compensation for those harmed by governmental actions. We believe that the Legislature, local officials, and our insurance fund have worked well in periodically considering this chapter of Century Code and adjusting limits, as was done in 2015, when appropriate," said Terry Traynor, NDACo Executive Director.
As local limits relate directly to the state government limits, and indirectly to insurance limits for private sector, this issue needs to be examined holistically and individual limits should not be raised without consideration of the others.

Follow this link to find the listing of State Senators to contact.

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